Valley Gravel produces numerous washed and crushed products suitable for many applications. All of our products undergo ongoing testing and meet industry standards.

If you’re not sure of what you need, please call our office and one of our helpful staff will be happy to help you with your product requirements. Click on each the thumbnail to see a larger view.

Clear Crushed Rock Products


3″ x 8″ Quarry Rock





1" x 3" Quarry Rock


1″ x 3″ Quarry Rock





1 1/4" Clear Crush Quarry Rock


1 ¼” clear crush quarry rock (colour may vary)




3/4" Clear Crush Quarry Rock


¾” clear crush quarry rock (colour may vary)




1/2" Clear Crush Quarry Rock


½” clear crush quarry rock (colour may vary)




Crushed Road Base Products

3" Minus Road Base


3″ Minus Road Base




3/4" Minus Road Base


¾” Minus Road Base




3/8" Mius Road Base


3/8” Minus Road Base / crusher fines




Crushed Specialty Products (Made with an impact crusher, making a less triangular finished rock)

3/8" Impact Clear Crushed Rock


3/8” Impact clear crushed rock




1/4" Impact Crushed Birdseye


¼” Impact crushed birdseye




5/16th Minus Impact


5/16” Minus impact




Gyro Sand


Gyro sand (manufactured sand)