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Land reclamation is the process of restoring land to its next land use. Once extraction is complete, land can be restored to agricultural use, park use, or any other use that might be applicable. The future use of the extraction area is governed by federal, provincial and municpal regulations. The applicable regulations often vary from site to site, depending on the time of initial permitting and the location of each specific parcel of land.


Below is a presentation of our most recent reclamation activity.

Valley Gravel used state of the art Global Position Systems and survey equipment to ensure that the lands are restored to their best possible end use.

A Survey is taken of the existing area:

Spring 2011withcontour


Then a new grade plan is developed


Once these steps have been completed carefully reviewed the heavy equipment is ready work

Below are pictures of completed land reclamation projects.

Lefuevre Scraping

1100 Lefeuvre Road – Scraping

Lefeuvre Discing

1100 Lefeuvre Road – Discing

Lefeuvre Road - Grading

1100 Lefeuvre Road – Grading

1100 Lefeuvre Road – The finished field

1100 Lefeuvre Road – The finished field